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testimonial 7

Kevin Sargent: It was our good fortune to have the services of Chris Essex’s Company in the replacement of the ridges and window skirts to the roof of our home. At all times, he and his two-man team worked with the utmost care and consideration for the property and its surroundings. In what proved a […]


testimonial 6

Gavin: This letter is a reference for Mr Chris Essex of Four Counties Thatching. Mr Essex re-thatched our house . He Gave a quote for how long it would take and completed it within the quoted timeframe. In that period we found Mr Essex courteous, reliable and scrupulously fair and honest. Both he and his employees […]


testimonial 5

Pauline: I have Know Chris Essex of Four Counties Thatching Ltd for over 10 years. During this period he has carried out a number of thatching jobs on my property, originally as a trainee and culminating with a complete re-thatch of the main body of the roof. I have always found Chris to be thoroughly trustworthy […]


testimonial 2

Matthew & Angela: We moved to our home 6 years ago knowing that the thatch would need to be replaced in the near future. Chris was extremely helpful to us in advising what we should and shouldn’t do, and patched the roof a number of times before we were ready for the major works. Two […]


testimonial 1

Neil: Four Counties Thatching (Chris Essex) has maintained the thatch on our house for the last 6 years, providing a quick response when leaks have developed and friendly but professional advice for routine maintenance. He has repaired & re-ridged our house to a very high standard, ensuring that the work area is left tidy after each […]